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Welcome to Sameer Somani professional corporation. For several years, our accountants have helped individuals  and businesses of Calgary and surrounding areas , achieve their financial accounting goals. Hundreds of businesses and individuals have benefited from our professional and conscientious accounting, tax and business consulting services. We strive to do our best and keep up to date with all the tax changes from year to year to properly take advantage of any tax deferral strategies offered, as well as any new tax credits and deductions offered by federal and provincial government bodies. With changes to government at both the federal and provincial levels, this is more important than ever, to note only be prepared for the present, but also plan for the future. Services are provided at very reasonable rates, and services are available around the clock in office hours as well as via email outside of office hours. 

At Sameer Somani Professional Corporation, we are committed to keeping you up-to-date on new developments in the world of accounting and personal finance, while providing you with all of the professional financial and accounting services you need to stay ahead of the curve. 


Individual Services
Sameer Somani Professional Corporation offers a wide range of personal financial services that are designed to help you take control of your financial future. From personal taxes for employed individuals, as well as self employed individuals earning commission or running a sole proprietor business.  Advice is also given to when it may be good to incorporate if you are running you own business. Our team has several years of experience helping people just like you to achieve and maintain up to date tax filings done accurately and on time to avoid penalties. 

Corporate Services
From financial forecasts and planning to corporate tax services, Sameer Somani Professional Corporation offers all of the financial and accounting services your small or medium-sized business needs to ensure you not only stay in business, but save time and money to grow your business further.  Corporate services include intital advice and incorporation done for you, including what may be a beneficial share structure for you, monthly, quarterly or annual bookkeeping and  gst returns filed, monthly and semi monthly payroll services, year end  tax as well as interm financial statement preparation if needed for business loans, year end corporate tax return preparation, and tax planning.

We have corporations in a large variety of industries including construction, real estate agents, home builders, franchise operators, IT  and engineering consultants, doctors and other professionals, trucking companies, and many others. Up do date and profeesional accounting knowledge is needed for any businesses, however we also look at any industry specific tax rules and credits. 

There are many references from satisfied clients available, who are very happy with the warm, knowledgeable on time services offered.

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