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Small Business Accountants play a major role in ensuring the financial health of a company, including planning of future strategies and keeping the company up to date on any tax liabilities. Like a human body cannot survive without a healthy and functioning liver, a business cannot survive without a competent accountant, especially if it is a small business, since they may not have the personnel or resources to handle any major expenses incurred due to poor tax planning.

If you are looking for a small business accountant in Calgary, then one such highly recommended company is SAMEER SOMANI Professional Corporation. Our company- Sameer Somani Professional Corporation– is a well-known organization for providing accounting services in Calgary for over a decade.

Roles of an Accounting Firm:

An accounting firm makes sure that the business is on the right track financially. Its duties vary from the preparation of financial statements to the planning of future strategies and tax planning to defer taxes to a future date when the shareholders are in lower personal tax brackets. A qualified accountant can also identify areas where expenses may be out of control and where cost-cutting is needed.

Why Us?

With Sameer Somani Professional Corporation you get qualified accounting expertise from a designated Small Business Accountant in Calgary, however, you will also get very reasonable and affordable charges. To top it off, we are always there for our clients, including by email after hours.

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